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January 10, 2019
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Farewell Walter Kmet, CEO

After seven years as CEO of WentWest, Walter Kmet will be moving into a new role as CEO of Macquarie University Hospital and Clinical Services in March.

Throughout the years, Walter has taken a lead role in western Sydney and beyond in key health areas and his leadership has been characterised by relationships forged through consultation, collaboration and partnerships.

With Walter at the helm, the scope and depth of WentWest operations have steadily increased, while at the same time, WentWest as the Western Sydney Primary Health Network, has continued to meet and exceed its contractual obligations to the Commonwealth and other agencies.

The WentWest Board thanks Walter for his outstanding contribution to western Sydney, to WentWest and to health system reform, and wishes him the very best in his new role.

Read the full media release which is available on our website.

WentWest wishes everyone a happy New Year and looks forward to continuing working with our partners and health professionals within the region to provide better health outcomes for the local community.

Walter Kmet, CEO, WentWest

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